What is the Korean American Coalition Model United Nations (KACMUN)?

The Korean American Coalition Model United Nations (KACMUN) is one of the great academic simulation programs which is designed in such a way that it imitates the United Nations system. Initiated by the Korean American Coalition (KAC), this special forum will have students, who are immigrants or children of immigrants, to exchange their ideas and opinions particularly on the discussion of diplomatic relations and propose solutions to real-life issues. It makes KACMUN delegates experience the ability to apply different unique interpersonal and public speaking skills with cultural exchanges and understanding in the simulated world.

Beginner Level of KACMUN:

At the initiatory point, delegates are familiarized with the basics of Model United Nations (KACMUN) rules, debate techniques, as well as research methods. Through training and workshops, delegates learn skills of forming a position paper, giving a speech and being productive in the committee sessions. They acquire an appreciation of the different aspects and functions of the United Nations while at the same time, they learn how diplomacy can be useful in dealing with the pressing global issues.

Intermediate Level of KACMUN:

Explanation of the intermediate level comes in next, where delegates get to explore the complexities of international relations and the diplomacy at play. The Member States are divided into smaller groups, such as the General Assembly, the Security Council, and specialized agencies, and are designated to be a particular country or diplomatic body. Delegations go into detailed investigation of the predetermined areas of focus, work on behalf of their own states and try to work in partnership with the other peoples of the states to bring the best possible results.

Advanced Level:

In the advanced level, the delegates will be presented not only with the complex geotactic complications but also they will have to take part in parallel negotiation processes. Whether it is about global warming, discrimination or world security, they deal with all of these topics. Discourses must have advanced research skills, logical thinking, and diplomatic heart while they negotiate the resolution which accounts for interests of many parties, and is a cause-oriented one.


The Korean American Coalition Model United Nations Conference is a place of learning filled with dynamic and rich opportunities that allow student leaders to develop the qualities of good citizens who will play the roles of wealth creators in the world hereafter. Through the help of interconnection, problem solver, and cultural exchange, KAMUM nurtures the participants to be able to face any problems that we face today and make the world a more peaceful and sustainable place. As a monumental achievement of the Korean American Coalition, KACMUN is more than a model UN for it bravely upgrades the league of diplomats in future.

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